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Protests, Rohingya Refugees, Ebola Outbreak: Your Wednesday Briefing

2020-06-02 23:12:38

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Good morning.

We’re covering the U.S. protests against police violence, Beijing’s portrayal of the unrest and a drive-in disco in Germany that’s making weekends feel like weekends.

Snapshot: Above, Index, a drive-in disco in Schüttorf, Germany. Nightclubs are shuttered, but the family that owns the small venue is making it feel like Saturday night again. Read all of our correspondents’ dispatches from a series about Europe’s reopening.

What we’re reading: This article from Vulture on police TV shows. “It’s an interesting dissection of the genre in general, whether you are a devoted fan of police procedurals or don’t watch them a lot,” says Sanam Yar, from the Briefings Team.


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