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President Trump, Moria Migrants, Beirut Explosion: Your Thursday Briefing

2020-09-10 05:27:52

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Good morning.

We’re covering arson at Europe’s largest refugee camp, the institutional neglect and corruption that led to the Beirut explosion and President Trump’s admission that he played down the risks of the virus.

With more than 12,000 people living in squalid conditions in a bleak tent camp designed for 3,000, Europe’s largest refugee camp, on the Greek island of Lesbos, has for years seemed at risk of a humanitarian tragedy.

Late last year, a new security officer at the port of Beirut discovered what seemed like an urgent security threat behind a broken door: piles of fireworks, jugs of kerosene and thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate — in short, every ingredient needed to construct a devastating bomb. But when he warned his supervisors, he learned that many Lebanese officials already knew. Despite an order from a judge, no immediate action was taken.

3. Follow any new directions. Take note of the decals on the floor and signs you may see shepherding you through the station, put in place to decrease crowding and reduce contact between passengers. Enter buses from the rear to avoid shedding respiratory droplets on the driver and other passengers. And if you’re driving onto a ferry, remain in your car for the duration of your trip.

4. Don’t eat onboard. Eating can carry particles from a surface to your face. Besides, you’d have to take off your mask. Avoid extensive conversations, too; talking sprays aerosolized droplets that can carry virus particles.

5. Be strategic about your timing. Try to avoid peak commuting hours. If your employer will allow for more flexible hours, you can circumvent, and not contribute to, the rush-hour crush.

Thanks again for starting your day with me. Until next time.

— Natasha

Thank you To Melissa Clark for the recipe, and to Theodore Kim and Jahaan Singh for the rest of the break from the news. You can reach the team at [email protected].

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