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A More Accessible World

2020-07-24 10:38:12

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But it’s also clear that disabled Americans continue to endure inequities:

As Heumann recently told The Times, disabled Americans who have been born since the A.D.A. are eager to benefit from the law’s provisions. “They also believe that the A.D.A. is not enough,” she added.

For much more: One of the best movies I’ve seen this year is “Crip Camp,” a documentary that tells the story of the disability-rights movement through a summer camp where many leaders, including Heumann, met each other.

And give us feedback: What questions do you have about disability and accessibility? What stories should The Times be doing? Tell us here.

The United States passed four million known coronavirus cases yesterday. Over the past two weeks, case counts have risen in 37 states.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to the House floor yesterday to condemn Representative Ted Yoho, who this week referred to her with a sexist vulgarity. Watch her remarks here.

Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, called the apology from Yoho, a Florida Republican, remorseless. Other Democratic women shared their own stories of being harassed or belittled by their male colleagues.

More congressional news: 100 days out from the election, Senate Republicans are starting to distance themselves, gingerly, from the president, Carl Hulse, The Times’s chief Washington correspondent, writes. The latest example: Rejecting his calls for a payroll-tax cut.

The food writer Rachel Sugar has a happy-sad (and relatable) essay in Grub Street about all the cooking fads she has undertaken since the pandemic began. It started with sourdough. Then came the ice cream, homemade pickles, and a brief stint with indoor gardening.

“I wanted something that would require constant attention but also demand nothing,” she writes. “I began to worry that what I wanted did not actually exist, and if it did, it might be sourdough.”

And to make: This showstopping spumoni ice cream cake, with store-bought ingredients: cherry, pistachio and chocolate ice cream, stacked atop each other.

Tyler Mitchell was only 23 years old when he shot Beyoncé for the cover of Vogue. Since then, the photographer has become known for his tender, ethereal portraits.


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